Working In Groups

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When faced with the option whether to work with a group or solo, it is likely I would chose to work in a group. The reason for this is because I like having a second opinion on whatever it may be I’m doing whether it’s a project or a paper. However just like anything there are many drawbacks when it comes to group work, there tend to be two different types of people, those who sit back and let their group members do all of the work and those who do most of the work.  However the reason for those who do not participate in the group work is not always just due to laziness, it could be related to the comfort level surrounding the topic of discussion or the person could just be a shy person and does not feel comfortable participating in group discussions.

Communication I feel is one of the most important things to consider when working in a group.  It is sometimes difficult to communicate with your group members outside of class and school time.  This tends to cause problems in the group because if your unable to communicate with the other members then it is very difficult to know what you need to accomplish during that time period that you are not with the rest of your group.  Another important aspect of group work is having a plan and knowing what each group members responsibilities are.  If every group member knows what their job is for the project then everything will be done on time and everyone will have participated equally.  If the responsibilities of the group are not set and understood than it will result in some members of the group doing much more work than others which is not fair and can result in conflict amidst the group.

The best ways to avoid conflict amongst the group is to incorporate all I said before which is to: communicate, have a plan, and equal participation if everyone in the group has the ability to talk to others outside of class, they understand what their responsibilities are, and everyone puts in equal time.

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