2012 Presidential Election

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Recently I have been bombarded with opinions of the 2012 election and frankly I can’t stand some of the things people say. I want to make it clear before I begin to continue that I don’t care whether any individual supports Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. The reason there are two sides is because United States citizens must be represented best  the US is a democracy. I think that presidency is very important in a place like the US, where things are constantly modernizing and the population is so diverse. Not just diverse in race but in religion, beliefs, and wealth. Though I believe the entire population could be better represented in other forms, presidency is a great way to get people interested in politics. I think as a US citizen it is one’s duty to vote whether said individual completely sides with one of the candidates or not. This is important because everyone’s vote is equal so it is important that everyone votes so that all groups of the US are heard because we are not a homogeneous mix.

What I cannot stand is voters who do not see the impact of there vote on the country and vote for the wrong reasons. I have watched videos on Youtube of peoples reasons to vote for a certain candidate and I was blown away by how ignorant some people can. Especially considering how exposed they are to media. Some vloggers (video bloggers) said that they were voting for a candidate based on their physical attraction to a candidate. Another vlogger said she was voting for Mitt Romney because her cats name is Mitts. I think that voting must be taken with responsibility and a seriousness that will make the voter really consider who would not only benefit themselves but also the country and it’s growth. I would like people to have to write a paragraph of why they are voting and then have scholar verify whether their reasons are legitimate enough.

I think that the US is great but some people really need emphasis on educating themselves about the elections. I think that if the election was less media based then the outcome would be a better reflection of the US population.




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