Evolving Perspectives

Posted on October 11, 2012 by


For every year of my life, past five years old, I have played soccer. Soccer has almost become a religion, playing year-round, sometimes on two teams at the same time. Even when I played basketball in the winter I would be playing soccer. As I arrived in high-school last year, the previous varsity goalkeeper decided to solely run cross-country, leaving me, as a freshman, in the role of Varsity Goalkeeper. I had a good season last year, playing rather well. This year, as pre-season expired, I strained two muscles in the groin-area of my leg (my left abductor and left hip-flexor), causing me to be out for longer than 3.5 weeks (I am still out). Being on the sidelines gave me a very different perspective on the games that I always play in.

The different view on the practices and games started to affect me in other areas of my life, specifically on my relationships with my teammates and my schoolwork. Since I was hurt, I have spent each of the last several Friday or Saturday nights with one of my teammates, more than the last 6 months combined. Because I don’t have the opportunity to play with my teammates on the field, I have to make an extra effort to spend time with them. Seeing as hanging out with them is fun, this isn’t necessarily a chore.

As my injury-time increased, I found myself being much more introspective in my schoolwork. In English class especially, I have been able to express myself in my writing because of the time I have had to examine my thoughts and to draw conclusions. I still have another week until I can start to play with contact, and I’m looking forward to applying what I have noticed and thought about from the sidelines to my play!

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