Working With Friends

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At the beginning of the new school year, we were introduced to our new class, called Age of Exploration. When our teacher explained the class to us, is was different then what we used to. He talked about this new way of learning, where we the students, actually did all the research, and our job was to find the information on our own, and the teacher was there to help us only if we needed to. To top it all off, we were going to be doing all of this together, with our friends. What? We have all been used to the standard daily lecture, homework, and then test to show how well we were doing in class, with the teacher leading everything. Now we were supposed to do all of this with our friends? How is that going to work?

Despite not being sure at the very beginning, working with friends has been deemed very successful by everyone involved. It sounds like it could be difficult, being serious and working with someone you spend most of your time goofing around with. However, with hard work and discipline, working with friends is the easiest and smartest way to go about doing a project, in many ways. You know your friends better then anyone, and your friends know you better then anyone. Even though you joke around with your friends a lot, they know your your habits, your strengths  and your weakness, and you know theirs. However, that is not always a formula for success, because though you know everything about each other, anyone who has worked with friends knows how easy it is to be distracted, and go off the subject you want to focus on. Before working, you need to set guidelines for how your group is going to go about each day, and how you are going to make the best presentation you can. This involves discipline  and knowing what is more important, getting an A in an important class. For joking around and getting a D, mostly for just having something to present. Knowing you r priorities, will lead to success.

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