Global Connections Through Blogging

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Talking to people from all over the world may seem like an odd concept when we live and surround our days with humans right in front of us. Why would we want to go out of our way to talk to people far away? However, talking to people who weren’t brought up in a similar background can be very influential. People’s opinions are almost always based on things that they have grown up with or experienced. For example, I have never experienced being in a war zone, so my view on war is a lot different from those who live, or have lived, in one. My opinion and their opinion are a lot different because of the experience we have had.

Now I am pretty new to blogging, so I have not had much time to blog, however I do have experience with talking with those all around the world. At my school we had a group of exchange students last week. I had the chance to talk with one of the girls about her opinions on the Chinese government. She was telling me about how they are not allowed to visit sites from other countries, only those from China. To me growing up in the USA, this was very surprising. We really don’t have any restrictions to what we can look at and what we can’t. However when I asked her what she thought about having the restrictions, she seemed fine with the idea and she thought it was weird that we had no restrictions. We had grown up in different scenarios, and that made for a really great conversation. However, not everyone has the opportunity to have exchange students come to school, and that is why blogging is so great. It’s accessible and easy.

Above is a map of all the places that people have visited our public Age of Ex Blog. Looking at the map, it is incredible to think that someone from Egypt is reading our opinions, and maybe even commenting on them and sharing their views on the world. Whether you are talking about politics, or your view on pets, blog it and share with the world. You will never know who will read it!

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