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Hey guys,

I read a blog post ( that talked about how sitting with friends leads to being counterproductive. This really interested me, so I started to look more into it.

I personally believe that mixing your personal life and your academic life is harmless to an extent. Sometimes, even, it can spur more production, because being around friends can help with some stress that can halt production. However, when mixed too much, friends can obviously lead to counter productivity, as I’m sure nearly everyone has experienced. A friend shows you a funny video of Obama dancing ( and POOF: there goes your work ethic for the rest of class, and neither your parents, nor your teacher (democratic or not), will accept this video as an excuse when you get a D+ on your school project.

In conclusion, it’s quite important to find the medium between personal life and academic life. Too little personal life and the stress will halt your productivity, and too much personal life will get you distracted. Once that medium is found, you will be less tense, without losing your determination.

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