Partnering to Make a Difference

Posted on October 8, 2012 by


Recently I have been actively learning about creating a new relationship between teachers and their students. I have read articles and watched videos about people describing the positive change a partnership has made. On the first project I took part in this year I was researching the age of Reformation this was the first time I had ever experienced partnering with a teacher. I think this method of teaching forced me to become more independent and take control of my own learning.

Although I think my project was successful in displaying all of the pertinent information, I do not think that I made the presentation one that someone would find on the internet and watch for fun. Over the course of the year I would like to improve my delivery skills. I want to make my presentations interesting for every to watch.

Currently I am working on researching the Renaissance era. I have decided on Pope Alexander VI for the topic of my project. My goal is to accurately portray the information that is need to be known in an interesting and entertaining way.

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