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Recently I have been commenting sporadically on other blog posts and articles. Today I found a blog about “Globalization: Friend or Foe?” from the OSG’s Global Issues Blog. The main point about this article was whether or not all of the products that we get from other countries is a good thing or a bad thing. There’s a large abundance of products that we get from people all over the world, who work in poor conditions such as factories and workshops. Majority of these workers are treated terribly and are payed a very low wage. Although we have a lot of resources and options of products at stores, theres an over profusion of items which makes it unnecessary to go to Costco and buy a 2 jar pack of peanut butter. Not only is the producing products wasteful, but it’s also bad for the environment. People know they have resources to replace lost items at their own fingertips. Other countries are working hard and suffering for us (America) in order to benefit our lives. I find globalization a very large issue and we are too consumed in our own lives rather than attempting to fix globalization so there’s no labour workers suffering, nor the environment.



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