Two Steps Towards a Killer Presentation

Posted on October 4, 2012 by


There are a million different ways to present a project, or research that one has done, but what is the most effective way to do so? Short and sweet: to keep the viewers engaged and interested. If there is only one thing that I get out of Mike’s Age of Exploration class, is how to give a proper and interesting presentation. Here are two key points that anyone should consider when giving a presentation.

First off, do not commit “death by powerpoint”. A discussion that we’ve had in class many times is about powerpoint, it’s pros and cons, and why it is a dangerous tool to use when presenting. Powerpoint is a great tool, but many presenters abuse this application and bore their viewers to death. The concept of powerpoint has so much potential, for it is an easy way to express information, yet is hard not to just read off of each slide, and have bullet points for each section. So, for anyone who is reading this, I strongly encourage you to not use powerpoint, because even though you may think all is going dandy, your viewers may think otherwise of your project. Now don’t get me wrong, use technology to your advantage, by using applications on your computer such as Prezi, a movie maker, or maybe even music that has something to do with your project. Like I said before, I encourage everyone to stay away from powerpoint, as it can be easy to read off of the slides, and make the whole learning experience more interesting.

Secondly, make your viewers interact, and have an interest in your project! Quiz them every so often during your presentation, make them laugh, or at least make your presentation aesthetically pleasing. In our classroom in Age of Exploration, it is easy to engage the audience for it is a fairly small group, whereas in a TED presentation, the crowd isn’t so much interacting with the presenter, but is still engaged for the size of the viewers is much, much, larger. In order to give a killer presentation, you need to be passionate about your subject, because if you’re having a good time, odds are the audience is too. If you stand in front of everyone with a monotone voice, listing facts, showing no interest in your subject, those precious audience members will soon look like zombies.

All in all, I suggest to not use PowerPoint, to make sure that everyone is entertained, and to use technology to your advantage. I was wondering, what was the best presentation you’ve ever given? Thanks for reading my post, and have a great day.