Overload: Why Learning Isn’t Always as Fun as it Should Be

Posted on October 3, 2012 by


ImageIn my school, the year is just kicking up. It’s been going for almost a month now, so I often find myself uneasy as the workload gets progressively larger. I understand that teachers are excited about getting into their subjects and teaching us, but I have found that this usually turns me off from their subject. I start really worrying about how I’m going to manage everything I have to do as well as continue my extensive extracurricular activities. This really bothers me because I am just as excited to learn as the teachers are to teach, so I would much rather be looking forward to the work teachers assign us than get a feeling of dread every time I see what homework I have.

For example, We have just started our next project on the renaissance, and I have very few ideas on where to go with it. My main interest is in theatre and the arts, so you would think that a topic like the renaissance, which was a time focused on culture and art, would be a fairly easy topic. My problem is that I have already studied quite a bit of the renaissance, so I there a variety of things I already know a great deal about during that time period. However, the homework load in other classes isn’t going to get any lighter, so I’m tempted to do something that I already know quite a bit about and dig just a little deeper and call it a project. However, I’d much rather do something that I know very little about and learn so much more, but might take a little more time.

ImageI think I will be battling with this throughout the year, as I have had to in past years. I will always have to ask, “how deep do I want to go into this?” The problem is, I don’t see an easy way to learn as much as I want to about a certain subject and still complete everything I need to do for other classes. Everything we are learning about is necessary, and the projects are to help get more in depth with every subject, but it just leads to an overload where the students no longer enjoy learning because they are so stressed out. This is a problem that I think students and teachers together should figure out the answer to and help make learning as fun as it should be.

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