Learning Styles: What works for you?

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ImageAge of Ex has not only been a class that has helped me expand my ideas about presenting but also about different ways of learning. Throughout my time as a student, I have not only been able to learn in different ways but also find out more about different learning styles. Learning styles are defined as the way people are able to process information. Everyone is able to take in information differently whether that is visually, aurally, physically, logically, socially, or solitarily. People have different techniques that help them educate themselves better. Some people may find that one learning style works the best, while others may use many different styles depending on the situation. There is no right or wrong technique and as time goes on you may find that your learning styles will start to change.

Visual learners rely on their eyesight and learn better by seeing images and watching the approach. Aural learners rely on their hearing and learn better by listening to the instruction’s and information given. Physical learners rely on their bodies to help them learn by actually carrying out a physical activity. Logical learners rely on their brains for logical and mathematical reasoning. Social learners learn better in groups while solitary learners learn better alone.

ImageBecause everyone learns differently it is hard for every student to understand the information at the same time. The majority of schools are unable to teach using all the different learning styles, thus making it harder for some students to learn. Personally, I am a visual learner and I am able to take in more information when it is already written out and I can see it. I also become more interested in the topic when there are images to look at. I believe that by teachers understanding their students learning styles, it can improve the child’s interest in the subject. Some students may be having difficulty in school not because they are not smart but maybe because the way the information is being presented does not adhere to the child’s style of learning. Trying other methods of learning can prevent the student from being frustrated and feeling inadequate.

By writing this I began to wonder how school life would be different if there were different classes that focused on each learning style. Would students be ‘smarter’? The majority of children wouldn’t say that they love going to school but maybe by expanding teaching styles school might become a more enjoyable place.





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