The Process of Progress

Posted on May 15, 2012 by


So the Age of Exploration class is now well into the American Revolution Documentary Project, and it is a great feeling to see our work starting to come together. At this point, with a topic figured out, a nearly completed script, and the necessary casting done, filming is the next task at hand. It has been a continuous process of trial and error, but seeing that progress has been made is exciting within itself.

It was definitely a daunting task to take all the opinions and ideas of the entire class and form a topic that would fit the interests of everyone on some level. There was a bit of time in the early stages, as everyone was set to do independent research, where it felt to me like a mystery as to how we were ever going to get everyone on the same page. Even when we had some loose agenda it was difficult for people to see the bigger outline and purpose at times, but somehow, as information was gathered, some organization set in. My role became to establish the storyboard, which would give a better sense of structure to everyone’s information in the form of the story the documentary would follow. This job meant that every person needed a scene that the facts had to be incorporated into, that flows with the rest of the story line, and all the while attempts to maintain some kind of draw and captures the interest on the audience. The most difficult aspect was trying to make the plan understandable to everyone, and try to answer questions so that we could move forward.

It has been very satisfying to see what can come out of the craziness of planning, even if the to-do list seems to continue to grow, and plenty of editing, revising, and improvisations await. The lessons learned through the process have been invaluable and we can only hope that the end product will reflect the efforts that have been made.

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