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In Age of Ex, our assignment as a class is to make one documentary on some portion of the American Revolution, and make a “Making Of” video, where we document the process of making the documentary. As you could imagine, organization is a huge challenge in a group project with 16 students, although I think we have handled it very well so far. At the beginning, everyone researched some specific portion of the topic or working on the script, as none of the groups had anything to do until we were ready to start filming. As everyone at OES has a Google account, Google Docs has been an extremely helpful tool in keeping the group organized. It makes it really easy for anyone in the group to access any necessary information really quickly. Another important tool is the Google calendar, where we can post due dates and reminders and have them appear on the calendars of the people in the class.

The secret of victory is the organization of the non-obvious – Marcus Aurelius

We have just finished the pre-production phase (researching, scripts, and storyboarding), and are getting ready to start filming, so we broke up into different groups of three or four people based on interest and experience in the areas. The groups we split into were for acting, filming, editing, and a group working on the ‘making of’ video. I chose to do some filming and some editing because I have had experience doing both from taking a film class in school.

So far, although of course there are things to improve on, I think we have done a great job keeping everyone organized. It’s going to take a lot more organization and a group effort to get all the costumes and props together for the actual production, but I’m excited to start filming after all!

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