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Throughout this project I have learned that teamwork is the key to success in a group project. In our class right now we are doing a project as a class and it is important that everyone contributes and that everyone listens to people’s opinions. It is also very important that people who are working in the group do not feel like the leaders are assigning everything to the people in the group but not doing anything hard themselves but the people in the groups should feel like the leaders are catalysts and that is a critical point in order to make a group work. The sense of teamwork has to be there in that everyone has to feel like he or she has a role that means something to them, does not cause one person too much stress and makes each person feel obligated to put part of the team on he or she’s back. Doing this can help support continuity between a group and make sure that everything is running smoothly. So far I feel like our group as a whole has gotten a lot of good work done although sometimes I have felt like some people are assigned tasks that they are not willing to do but still have to because it is their job. However, this has not been a big problem and our group as a whole has a good sense of communication which is good. Overall this project has really made me think about how the group as a whole is really just one big team and that each person must put a little bit on the load on its back.

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