A New Kind of Project

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My history class, Age of Explorations, is a class that is a highly project based class. So far this year, we have done individual projects and small group projects. Now, we are part way through an entire-class project. Our objective is to work together to research, write a storyboard and script, film, and edit a documentary about the Boston Tea Party. We also need to make a ‘Making Of’ video about our documentary.

Early on in the project, we picked a director and established a few subgroups. These subgroups are: research, storyboarding, script writing, filming, editing, and the ‘making of’ group. I was put into a few different groups. I started out in the research group and learned all about the British view about the Boston Tea Party, which was quite different than the traditional American story. I then started working with the storyboarding group, where we came up with the idea of having two main hosts, one British and one American, who each tell their stories and begin to argue about what really happened. We also came up with some ideas for reenactments and other ways to make the documentary exciting.

Once the filming started, I began working more with the filming group. So far, we have started filming the two hosts and we have also filmed a few people who play experts and talk a little bit about certain aspects of the Boston Tea Party.

My hopes for this project are pretty simple. I hope that the movie is interesting and informative, but also exciting and entertaining. If we fine that balance between information and entertainment, we will be successful.

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