The Stresses of Group Projects

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When someone is working alone, they usually plan out what tasks they are going to do and when they are going to do them. They find their own resources, and use their opinions to mold and form an idea into a great project. But imagine sixteen people, all with different opinions and ideas, trying to come together to create a movie. Of course, working with others is always strenuous. Most projects have only two to three people working in a team, but think about the hassle involved in a project that has sixteen different views on how to make and produce a video documentary on the Boston Tea Party.

At first, it was easy to try and figure out how exactly we were going to go through with this. The initial decision was to nominate two different leaders, one creative, and one more directed towards directing and editing. But once Karen was picked as the leader, the group dropped the idea of another leader. With this leader set in stone, the group decided to divide the class up into a few different groups: Researching, Editing, Story Board, Filming, and the Making Of. This plan seemed to work well for a while, but then, in my opinion, it got a bit jumbled and some people didn’t know what they were supposed to work on so they didn’t do any work. Meanwhile, other students were taking charge and doing most of the work. This created a slight hole in the plan. And then there were a few mixed emotions about who should be leader, which also created some difficulty and stress within the group. Pile all this on top of a time crunch, no wonder group projects are stressful.

I’m sure if everyone was assigned a clear and simple task, and got it done within a time limit without argument, things would be moving much more smoothly. But then we have some people filming, some people working on the script, and some people waiting around for assignments. With this kind of work going on within the group, the video will not come out as well as it could. Everyone needs to put in equal effort in order to make this project a success. But putting in effort is only the first step to finishing this project. We also need to get along and make sure we are flexible with our ideas so people don’t feel left out, as well as make sure to actually follow through on things that we say we will do and not put those tasks off to the last minute. If we do those three simple things, this movie could turn out better than we imagined! We just have to make sure that we put in effort, get along, and manage our time. It’s as easy as that. Hopefully our group will come to understand these things in the few weeks following so we can make this documentary great!

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