The Film Crew

Posted on May 10, 2012 by


When starting the final age of ex project, our whole class was feeling pretty confident about not only our research and writing skills, but our filming skills as well. After the last project, I had felt my filming skills were ready to take on a bigger challenge than doing stationary interviews and changing angles a couple of times, so I decided to sign up for the film crew. Little did I know how much of a step up filming this project would be.

The first scene went smoothly enough, all that we had to do was set up the camera get a good background ready and film an interview. The real challenges began after we were tasked with the second interview. We had to scout out a different location within the school, and once we had found a professional looking place, a lot of adjustments had to be made. First of all, finding a good camera angle was tough for every situation. Making the angles original for every setting was tough, but essential for keeping interviews interesting. The background was also important for every situation, and same as the angle, couldn’t be that same for every interview. Since my personal film experience had been limited to setting up a camera in a room with a green screen and filming a few different speeches, it hasn’t proved very useful for this project.

Myself not being the very creative type, I have been learning a lot of new techniques on the fly, and will be learning a lot more as the project progresses. Although this has been somewhat difficult to do, this experience so far has given me a lot of insight about my own skills and has helped me become more creative, and I’m sure will continue to provide me with challenges and opportunities to grow.

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