Organization: How the heck do we do this?

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We’re in the middle of a huge project right now, at least in comparison to any group project I’ve done before. The entire class is involved in making a documentary about the American Revolution- and that was basically the one instruction we were given. How to go about doing that and actually ending up with a documentary by the end of the school year is left up to us, a class of 15 strong-willed, smart, and creative high school students, so there are a million different directions we could have taken it.

This project is hard only because of organization, for me, at least. We all know how to research, write a script, and film well enough. But how do we make sure that every small element of this documentary gets completed? And how do we get each person in the class to share the work load? Ok, well we knew we had to designate one or two people as head directors, or else more than half the class would try to take over at the same time, but how to go about electing directors even took some figuring out. I think that organization is what we are all having to learn about the most through this project, mainly by trial and error, but it seems like already we have made progress in our learning. Starting out the project, beginning with figuring out leaders and tasks, and even our topic, was probably the most confusing and tedious part. It definitely took longer than we expected, too. None of us really had a clue of what to do. However, now that we’re in the middle of the key parts of making this documentary, like writing the script and planning for filming, which comparatively needs more organization and attention to detail than choosing a topic for our documentary, we seem to be working a lot more smoothly, efficiently, and with more confidence. Yes, this part is still overwhelming, though, but it is obvious that we have all learned  from fumbling through the process of organizing such a big project so far. I’m really impressed by how our two directors are staying on top everything, and us, throughout all of this.

I’m confident that we will continue to grow in this area so that by the time filming and editing comes around, things will keep running more and more smoothly, which will be crucial to those two very important parts of the project. I think there’s a very obvious reason why we had about 8 weeks to make the documentary, because we need extra time to figure out how to even do a project like this one, at the same time that we are working on it. If it wasn’t the end of the school year and we were assigned to make another class documentary,  it would probably take almost half the time.

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