Struggles of Group Projects

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Many people think that working in a large group is much easier than an individual project, but I am not one of those people. I do not have a lot of patience and tend to get frustrated when group members procrastinate. Since I am not a huge fan of group projects I figured our final project in Age of Exploration, where the entire class comes together to create a documentary, would be difficult. This project consists of research, storyboarding, script writing, filming, editing, and even creating a “making of” documentary. Though we are only three weeks into this assignment some of my views on group projects have been proven, however some of them have actually been changed.

ImageSo far the biggest challenge our group had to overcome was choosing a topic. I have always seen this step as one of the most difficult to accomplish in a group project because everyone has different ideas and plans. Unfortunately, I was correct in assuming that choosing a subject for this project would be both time consuming and frustrating. Our class spent about two weeks researching the American Revolution and discussing possible topic ideas. Nobody could agree on a single topic and nearly every time a new idea was suggested it was soon shot down. After many class periods spent doing research and numerous ideas proposed, our class finally decided on a topic. Though at the time I was annoyed with how long it was taking to choose a topic I am really happy we were so cautious with our decision making.

From the moment we chose a topic the project has been going very smoothly without any big problems. One of the advantages to group projects is definitely all the strengths each individual has to offer. Recognizing everyone’s skills really was useful when distributing jobs, because we were able to ensure each task would be completed to its highest ability. We decided everyone would write a portion of the script, this way everyone will get part of their vision in the final documentary. I was proven wrong in thinking that people would procrastinate, because so far everyone is right on schedule and there is even the possibility that we will be able to work ahead in the coming week. Although there is still time for mistakes and problems to rise I am confident that our class will continue to work our way through this project both steadily and effectively.

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