Biting Through the Weakest Links and Toughest Cookies

Posted on May 8, 2012 by


I admit, I can be a tough cookie in some situations. Rarely am I the weakest link (unless we’re talking about P.E games), but when it comes to working in big groups, such as our recent Revolutionary War Documentary Project, I knew this was my forte.

Leading a class of 16 people is no easy task, especially since I’m a people-pleaser. Making executive decisions with my co-leader, Sophie, has been hard throughout this process, especially with a class filled with other great leaders with great ideas. It’s fortunate that Sophie and I pretty much share a brain, however, it stresses us both knowing that some people under our ‘control’ have been or are disappointed in our leadership, or the simply the way the project is heading.

Today is our first official ‘due-date’ of something for this project: the script.  Even though it’s not our final script, it’s essential for all mini-scripts to be submitted on time in order to give the two designated students enough time to compile them all together into a complete script.  However, yesterday I noticed several students scrambling to complete this task.  This is a common reaction that most people have the day before something is due, and I don’t consider these students the weakest links at all. However, I did worry about what would happen if these scripts would not be completed to adequacy or even at all.  We shall see tomorrow…

At the end of the day I trust that every one of my classmates is in it to win it. The prize being a satisfying grade to finish off the year (and of course to have a better knowledge and appreciation for the Revolutionary War).  No matter how much people may seem to oppose an idea, or not partake in one, I have great faith that in the end we’ll pull through it all with an outcome of a great documentary, even if it means I’ll have to piggyback several students across the finish line.


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