Technology, Friend or Foe?

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One question that has really been brought into the light lately is just how powerful is the internet. A play on weather or not we are masters or slaves to technology; which is a legitimate question considering I cant do simple math equations without reverting to my calculator or spending hours playing video games while my parents patronizing me to go outside or play with friends (not to mention it can interfere with my academics).

Possibly one of the smallest but greatest innovations for the modern smartphone user EVER is SIRI. At the press of a button, this virtual know it all is at your service 24/7 given you have pre paid internet service in an accessible area (sorry but you cant get directions to the nearest costal city if you find yourself stuck out in the middle of the ocean). But SIRI can do many other great things such as direct you to the restaurant you didn’t see across the street, do math problems and show you the graphs, show you where to hide dead bodies, read and send texts, play your favorite music, and misunderstand you half the time through the power of voice command. IRIS does the same exact thing for a different platform (see what Android did there with the IRIS, like its SIRI backwards? See it? Yeah? No?). I guess what I’m trying to say for anyone who is going to get an Iphone I highly recommend it but I find SIRI to be quite useless as I hardly ever use it unless Im joking around with friends, save yourself a few bucks and get a regular Iphone 4 or the 5 when it comes out (honestly they have a new release like every six months). While SIRI makes a great companion, she goes under the foe category.

Of course, who could forget just a few months ago when SOPA and PIPA were all the rage causing an internet uproar so everyone could keep all the illegal downloading sites and applications to deprive artists and record companies of the .99 cents (oops its 1.29 now :P) that they need more than anything (it could mean the difference between Ferrari and Lamborghini you know).

In all seriousness what is the real issue with copywriting and trademarking everything? Copyright has the most simple loophole that appears on youtube videos for songs all the time which is simply “I do not own this song.” to quote the movie Finding Forrester and quite possibly one of the greatest actors of all time, Sean Connery, “Copyright only exists so people can get laid.”

SOPA and PIPA were meant to stop the pirating things like music and movies over the internet, however it went much deeper than simply shutting down the pirate bay (popular pirating website). Think about anything you have ever seen on Facebook that was a reference to a movie or book. Did whoever that was acknowledge that those words did not technically “belong” to them? Essentially, that may be interpreted as piracy by whoever started SOPA and PIPA.

Probably one of the greatest breakthroughs in technology was the advancement and ingenuity of humans themselves. Even though it may seem vague beyond anything, think back to 2010 (could be wrong) and 2011 when the riots in egypt began happening. Since the first tweet about the civil uprising in Egypt two dictatorships (Egypt and Libya) have been brought down with much help from the internet. It was almost impossible to dodge the bullet that was every youtube video involving riot police charging into crowds of masked civilians throwing rocks at them. Libya, unfortunately could not come to as peaceful of a resolution as Egypt but once again the power of the internet helped displace a dictator. Realizing this countries in the middle east began shutting down and limiting internet access in an attempt to blind the outside world of what was happening inside their countries, which evidently didn’t work as well as they thought it would.

Now the power of the internet is being used in the same way but in a completely different way at the same time. In the world of current events, Vladimir Putin was elected for another six year term. Much to his party’s delight, many Russians think that they were cheated and the voting was rigged. lately there have been protests which could lead to something much bigger, as the world saw with Egypt and more so with Libya. However this is a first for my generation, could these protests have the potential to cause a revolution in a world superpower?

A glimpse of the protests:

(copy and paste) I do not own the video

So I leave you with these questions:

What are some of technological things you find pointless and/or useful? (please don’t say fridge or something like that)

What do you think about internet piracy? Should it be stopped?

What could the internet be used for when it comes to politics and foreign affairs in the future? (use the power of imagination)

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