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So far in this new project that my class have started I am in charge of creating the costume looks and makeup. This project is about making a documentary with the whole class and then also making a “the making of” video too. My class has chosen to make a documentary about the Boston Tea Party and having two narrators host the film with reenactments to show how the tea party happened. First when we were assigned the project the class decided to elect a president, which was easy but some classmates made it harder then it really was. Then everybody researched the tea party so we could know what happened and start brainstorming the script for the film.

After a week of researching and gathering everything we wanted to put on film Karen (the president) decided to put me in charge of the costumes and makeup, which I was happy to take on. Then I went online and looked at some outfits from the time period of 1770’s and got an idea of what each character should look like. The characters that are included in the film so far are slaves; European immigrants, higher class men and women, and the men dressed up like Indians that are going to though the tea off the ship. Since getting clothes that look identical to that time period is hard I have decided that instead I will use some at home clothing like basic black shirts and pants and dirty them up to look like certain parts. Then also add clothing that I own that look old fashioned like some skirts and dresses and knee high socks.

I hope that in the end the clothing will come together nicely so then the look will add to the film and so I can successfully contribute to the film.  Working together with many classmates is hard but communicating with each other and helping one another is helping us finish the film and putting everything together.

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