Working Together. (As An Entire Class?!)

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About a week and a half ago, our class of about 18 was assigned a group project. All of us will be and have been working together to create one documentary. The documentary will be based on the American Revolution, and along with the main movie we will create a “making of” video. Everyone will have separate roles, and likewise I am working with two others on creating the “making of” video. This is my team’s only job, so we are a bit separate from the main group. We will be working on the sidelines: doing interviews, and taking videos of the action.

How we have worked so far on this project:

So far, we have done a lot, but have we done enough? First and foremost, we elected a director, to spearhead the project and manage the class. After this, due to the suggestion of the director, our worked together as a class to research this time period, and to choose a topic. We picked the Boston tea party as our topic of choice, as it most interested everybody. After we had chosen a topic, we broke into subgroups. To name a few, some people are on the filming group, some are working on story-boarding, and some are simply researchers.

My group, or the “making of“ group, have been planning a video which will show our process in making the main video. We have filmed one interview of the director and are scripting a few more. We are also waiting for other things to happen that we may video. As a class, our work had not been the most productive that it could have been, but as is the nature with beginning a project, and I am sure that as we gain momentum, more will get done fairly easily. We also have a full two months to create the final products. So yes, I think we have done enough.

Hopes and needs for the future:

For the future, I hope that we as a class can get out act together a bit more. It is natural for work to go slow during the beginning, but the time for adjustment is over and we need to start working. I also hope that in making the “making of” video, we can get both some very interesting and perhaps controversial interviews with classmates, and get some good video of the class working together and filming. I also hope that we will be able to take all of our videos and interviews and mesh them into a nice, neat finished product.

Overall, I think that this has been my favorite project of the entire year, and I hope that it turns out well! I think that we will be able to complete this project without too many problems, so I’m going to do my part and get a jump on filming some “making of” action!

A good example of some making of videos is here: (This hit series makes “making of” videos simultaneously as they film their actual show)

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