Time To work In Class: Helpful or Wasteful?

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Over the past couple weeks, I have been researching Thomas Hobbes, and have written a bibliographic essay on him. Our class has also been preparing for a round table discussion. Essentially I have had to familiarize myself with Hobbes’ life, beliefs, and some resources available on him.

Such a daunting task would been near impossible if it had been lumped in with my other homework. Would I have been required to complete my research on Hobbes along with the many, many other projects and papers, I am not sure I would finished. However, this class’s curriculum seems to be based of the belief that we are actually supposed to WORK during school!

“That’s crazy!” You may be thinking, but never fear, there is still work to force upon us in our daily lives after school. We simply use the class time as well! What a dandy idea! With my homework-load it would seem that no one had thought of it until now.

However, it seems that most teachers are aware of the possibility, and simply choose to ignore it; teaching us in class, and then making us repeat the grueling task once more when we get home.

Now all sarcasm aside, there really is an inherent problem in the ideas of school and workload; one which this class seems to fix without any problem. The key idea of school should be that we learn on our own, and the teacher is simply there to guide us (and grade us), providing support along the way. I am not suggesting that we abolish homework, but simply that we do most of it in class, and only do at home whatever work spills over the allotted timeframe. The teacher could provide support, and work with students, and simply combine their teaching time with the individual work. This would also discourage procrastination, as students would be motivated to complete tasks at school and have less work at home.

I only bring all of this up because of how well it has worked in this class (Age Of Exploration). Our teacher gives us ample time to complete the projects in class, to be used or wasted. Finding all of my sources and Writing my entire essay during class time, I have taken full advantage of the in-class working time. The teacher is there when I need him, and I do not feel overloaded with work, much the opposite. This method works extremely well, and despite the fact that it cannot be utilized in every class, it could sure be implemented a lot more. Let us do school work when we are meant to: During school.

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