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Once my Age of Exploration class got back from winter break we really started cracking down on the project we were working on to add the final pieces.  The project is about picking a political figure and writing a bibliographic essay about them by picking different sources either on the web or on the shelves.  Researching about the figure and see what types of choices they made in politics.  Then after the essay my whole class will have a round table discussion where we pretend to be the figure we picked.

 I picked Elizabeth I Queen of England, I was able to find many sources about her but trying to pick which one to use was hard.  I first picked a website that just gave a brief summary about her life so I decided to use it. The website mainly talked about the big events that happened through out her life.  Then I found a book that was full of in detail information on not just Elizabeth but what others around her were doing, so I used that one too.  In the start of my essay I talked about the website and how it was useful then I compared it to the book.  Next I wrote about the book and the author.  Once I had received feed back on what I thought was an almost completed essay, my teacher recommended me to find another source about Elizabeth I.  I went to the library and found a lot of great books but picked one that talked about politics of her life.  Now I am reading parts of chapters in the book to see which chapter would be best for me to use to finally put the last touches to my essay.

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