A New Approach to Learning

Posted on January 16, 2012 by


We are now half way through the year in Age of Exploration and we have covered many topics and researched many interesting and important parts of history. For this project we were told we must write a bibliographic essay on an important person in the 1600’s. I was not yet familiar with the idea of a bibliographic essay but I wanted to learn more about this style of writing. I chose Louis XIV as my person of interest and not surprisingly there were many resources available on him.

As I dove into the many books on Louis XIV I found many reoccurring sources telling of his hypocrisy and self absorbed mannerisms. I thought of King Louis originally as a great king who ruled his country with dignity, but soon found out this was not the case. The books described the money and time it took for the construction of Versailles, a palace which Louis constructed for his own enjoyment. Instead of tending to the needs of his subjects, Louis spent his time tending to his own needs and investing time trying to make his image more powerful. While doing so he actually accomplished the opposite of what he intended, causing the French to see him as more of an average person than the god-like figure he was originally posed as.

This project gave me a different view on research and essays and how to construct an essay. I discovered that by writing a bibliographic essay you learn much about Louis XIV from many different points of view and during the process I got to make my own decisions from comparing reliable sources and finding information which best fit together to describe him. I found that, although difficult to write, a bibliographic essay is a great option to finding information on a topic, it let me understand my topic better and see all the different sides of the big topic. I would recommend a bibliographic essay to anyone needing to find out information on a big topic with many different aspects and resources associated with it. This project was a great learning experience and gave me a new approach when learning. So far in this class, I have learned much about my own writing style and what style I prefer to write in and what style I am best at writing. Age of Ex lets me explore my own writing techniques and all of the different ways there are out there to write about a topic. There is not just one standard essay format that everyone follows, in fact there are many different styles that work for a variety of projects. I think that a bibliographic essay was a great choice for a big topic such as King Louis XIV, and I learned about myself as a writer during this process. I look forward to a great second semester of learning about myself as a learner, researcher, writer.