An Exploration of Presentations

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For my most recent project in Age of Exploration, I studied and read extracts from the Malleus Malificarum, a treatise written by Catholic Inquisitor Heinrich Kramer.  Written in 1486, the Malleus’ purpose was to detail methods for the prosecution and eventual execution of witches, and to discredit all those who denied the reality of witchcraft.  I chose this topic because Witchcraft was an intriguing and radical idea at this point in time in Europe, and I was interested in what methods were cultivated to combat and prosecute presumed witches.

Contrary to nearly all of my classmates, I decided to create a presentation for this project, as opposed to an extensive written blog post on my topic.  I chose the presentation format because I believe public speaking is a valuable skill to have, and this was an excellent opportunity to practice it.

After extensively researching and reading about the Malleus Malificarum through several different resources, I began looking at the treatise itself, extracting as much knowledge from the text as I could.  I then chose I specific section of the document to study extensively, and eventually focus on during my presentation.

As a high school student, assignments that include presentations are extremely common.  After many presentations, I have grown weary of the simple, 2-dimensional thinking behind a PowerPoint that doesn’t even hold the attention of my audience very well.  Being a creative person and thinker, I have been searching for a superior presentation program for a long time, and thanks to inspiration from a classmate who used it for a presentation of her own, I discovered PreziPrezi is a presentation designing program which allows the creator to not only give visually pleasing effects to their work, it gives a presentation life and therefor engages the audience andprohibits them from daydreaming, something high school students tend to be very good at.  Prezi requires more thought, planning, and creativity than a program like PowerPoint, so I found it to be less time-efficient than a program like PowerPoint, however it was genuinely fun to learn about, and I really enjoyed the  creative thinking behind it.  We all know that presentations and lectures alike can be terribly boring and dreary at times, however new technologies such as Prezi give sparks of life to words, and help listeners understand, and learn about new topics.

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