Learning is Fun! (Kind of)

Posted on December 7, 2011 by


The process of researching in this class is a long and sometimes tedious procedure. With projects that span over the course of about a month, it is easy to lose motivation along the way – as well as to get distracted. As a researcher, it is incredibly easy to stumble upon a small fact that for some reason you find extremely interesting, and gets you completely off track. This happened to me in the last project I did on King Henry VIII. Instead of investigating his role in the reformation, I found myself instead looking into the drama that occurred between him and his many wives – almost all of whom met a rather unfortunate fate.

I don’t think this distraction was necessarily a bad thing, though; finding something about him that really interested me was a way to forge a strong connection between me and my topic, no matter how off topic it may have been. I think that goes to show that although some things may be viewed as a waste of time, they are actually the opposite. By finding something which you enjoy during a process that may not be the most enthusing at all times, you are able to maintain interest throughout the project, leading to a better overall job in the end.

Although I only stumbled upon this realization by accident in the last project, I think it is a good idea to keep in mind while doing upcoming work. The ability to connect to a person who lived so long ago and recognize facts that, although not particularly important to the main idea of the project, make the person seem more life-like and vivid is a huge accomplishment and enhances the learning process exponentially. By connecting to your topic on a personal level, researching actually becomes fun!

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