Procrastination and Solutions

Posted on November 14, 2011 by


When I first started Age of Ex I knew that there would be hard projects and each project was going to take a lot of time and effort. One thing that I knew also was that if I procrastinated a lot, I would probably not do so well in projects. So far procrastination has not been horrible for me but I have found some methods that I have worked effectively for me.

My favorite method that has worked for me a lot this year is giving myself a task for each day whether it was putting a sticky note on my desk telling me what to do every day. One thing that I found was that once you get into the gear of taking notes and starting your research, you really lock in and after a while you have a lot of notes and then you can look and admire how much you have gotten. It has helped me a lot because when I first started it took me a couple days to really want to start taking notes but after a while I got into the groove and I am starting to develop a big chunk of notes.

Another method that was effective for me was to just assign myself something to do each night. Whether that is writing a page of notes, or reading a couple articles, it all helps me get started on the task at hand. Also trying to time yourself and trying to get a page of notes in a 45 minute span. Putting a time limit on yourself puts the pressure on you to be efficient and the pressure is sometimes just what you might need in order to get the ball rolling even though the deadline is a week away.

Overall if you can use these methods or different methods that work for you and set up a good schedule and follow it, you can have great success with your projects because you won’t be struggling to make ends meet at 11:00 pm the night before it is due.

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