Sleep and Learning

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Procrastination is one of the main worries in the entire school. One thing that may seem obvious is that Procrastination affects ones sleep and one thing that annoys me the most is when people boast how little sleep they get. How can somebody be proud that they stayed up until one doing their homework? I always, with a few exceptions, sleep between 9:00pm and 9:30pm. I feel incredibly lucky that my parents push me to sleep earlier than 9:00pm.

Studies have shown that Sleep is probably the most important part in a teenager’s life. A person might say, “I can sleep late because I can wake up late.” My dad, a naturopathic doctor, told me that the best hour to sleep, because it is when your brain is most active, is the period before 12:00 am. Something that I noticed is that when one is tired it is almost impossible to think, homework after nine becomes sloppy. Another thing that even teachers say is “don’t stay up late studying for a test.” The brain while your asleep takes all that you learned that day and organizes it all, what you tried to memorize late at night won’t be organized because there is not enough time for the brain to organize every little scent, feeling and emotion and since what you learned late is fuzzy since your brain was tired it will put it off to last, so all that you studied is useless. Something to think about is that no sleep can result in increased irritability, anxiety and depression, decreased socialization, reduced concentration and decreased ability to handle complex tasks and to be creative. Students experiencing sleep deprivation can also experience an increased potential for drug and alcohol use, as well as vulnerability for accidents.

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