Time is in Our Hands

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Our project on the Reformation in the 16th century is a three-and-a-half week research session to delve into a one-paged primary source from the time period. Sounds easy enough to be completed in such a long period of time. But with the due date just around the corner, the class has gone into chaos, trying to research all that they should have done but couldn’t due to procrastination and busy schedules.

I fit into the majority of people at my school who are constantly busy with extracurricular activities.  At a Jazz combo rehearsal this Monday, our band just could not synchronize with the metronome (the bane of all musicians’ existences), so my instructor dove into a deep, out-of-this-world lecture of realizing the truth about this thing we both hate but treasure: time.

The unit of a second, minute, hour etc, is totally arbitrary. It just happened that some person decided on a period of time to be called a second, minute, hour etc, so if one human created time, then what’s holding the rest of us back from creating time too?  If we changed the value of a year and continued using the half-life formula to figure out an element’s age, the world that we live in would just not be definable.  The whole universe is based off this human-made system of keeping track of time, so could this mean that the being of the universe is in fact in OUR hands? (**dundundundunnnn**).

“We are the Universe Experiencing itself”
-Derek Sims

Before I get ahead of myself, the main point I wanted to get across was that as students, we are ceaselessly encouraged to discover and learn new ideas, so if we are always so stressed out about how there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete anything, why doesn’t someone take a leap of faith and discover a new method of telling time? Though I don’t guarantee success in making a brand new time system universal, why not try?

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