The Research Process: Oral Presentation vs. Published Writing

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Since the school year begun (amazingly over 9 weeks ago), we have already completed and reflected on one Age of Exploration project, and are almost finished with the next. So much research-process-ing, if we can call it that, has happened in these past 9 weeks. It’s a little overwhelming thinking back on all my mind has learned and sorted out since then, but it has all been beneficial. I’ve figured something out about two different ways of sorting through and preparing information for a final, polished product: the way of preparing for an oral presentation vs. preparing for a published writing, or blog post. Remembering my research process for our first project in this class, which resulted in an oral presentation most importantly (there was also a written narrative), there are definite differences from my work now for a project that I’m planning on concluding with just a blog post.

Detail of information: I have realized that the amount of notes I am allowing myself to take, or how “in to” a certain source I am allowing myself to get, is much greater with the current blog post project. It could have something to do with the fact that I am more comfortable writing about something in more complex detail than I am explaining something in detail. My notes are geared towards one or the other without myself even realizing it at the time.

Organization (of both information and thoughts): Also, with the current project, more so than the first oral one, my notes are less organized because it is easier to edit and tie things together in a piece of writing than it is in a speech, which leads to my next realization…

Procrastination level: I have also left off organizing my numerous detailed notes for the current project, I think, because of the fact that I will not have to practice familiarizing myself with the content and flow of a speech, and that I can edit a piece of writing up until the last minute.

I’m not sure which one I prefer, but I am glad to have the opportunity to do both types of projects.

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