Advantages of a Blog Post

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Our Age of Exploration class is entirely project based and in this project covering the religious controversy in medieval Europe, we have been presented with two options to on how we would like to present this information: a 6-10 minute speech, or a blog post of substantial length. I made the decision to create a blog post based on a number of  reasons. The first is the speech itself. Public speaking brings a lot of stress and nervousness to the speaker and can often cause mistakes. Having watched many speeches given by my classmates, and presented my own, I know that with so much information having to be fit into a time frame it is easy to overwhelm the audience. This is one place where a blog post has an advantage. It allows for the reader to look back and gives them time to process the information being received.  Presenting in a blog, allows for the writer to post all of the important information concerning his or her topic, without a specific time frame dictating wether or not you need to remove information.

The second reason is that a blog also allows for a more extensive discussion to continue afterwards the blog is read. After a speech there is usually a little bit of time allotted for questions from the audience, while in a blog questions can be asked long after the blog is posted. More discussions can even arise out of these questions, furthering the understanding of that topic.

The third reason is the ability to polish and perfect a blog post. Although this can also be done with speeches at home, for me personally, it will always be different when I am standing in front of my class mates. With a blog post I have the ability to get exactly the right wording without having to worry about fumbling around with what I actually want to say.

Both methods of presentation have their advantages, and the choice varies from student to student. The final decision should be made based on ones understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. This choice really invited me to look my personal presentation skills, and provides students an opportunity to explore what they are best at.

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