Methods of Communication

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“The eloquent man is he who is no beautiful speaker, but who is inwardly and desperately drunk with a certain belief”
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Public speaking is something that instills fear in the hearts of many students, as well as adults, when required. However, when it is used effectively is an invaluable persuasive resource for an individual. An example of such effectiveness is present in the current president of the United States; Barack Obama. He is commonly attributed to be one of the most effective public speakers for our time, some opinions going as far as saying it is what ultimately won him his current position.

This is relevant because our class is currently faced with the choice to either orally present, or write a narrative blog post as the final piece of our project. And, mind you we still have another week or so before the due date, only one student has said they plan to present to the class. Being one of the students that is near paralyzed by the thought of speaking in front of groups of people, in this case only a meager class of 16, I quickly made my decision to create a piece of writing. Here arises my question; is writing a narrative piece a more effective way to communicate opinions, ideas, and knowledge. Many people, some who have shown excellent speaking skills in past experiences, still have chose to do a written work for the project. In my opinion, a well-delivered, rehearsed and polished presentation is not only a more interesting, but often more effective, method to conveying opinions or ideas. Despite this opinion, I have still chosen to write a blog post; this decision based more on my personal inhibitions as a speaker rather than a affinity for writing. The answer to my previously stated question does not necessarily have to be specific to a students history project, but rather the effectiveness of communication of knowledge in general.

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