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What I have been studying throughout his year in Age of Exploration are the 15th and 16th century. The very first project that I had to present was a project about Christopher Columbus and his first voyage. Where I tried to go with this project was give some details about the voyage and how it came into play, and also why it was important to the world. I also wanted to tell people what the impact of his voyage was.

As of right now, we are in the middle of the 16th century project researching the Christian Reformation. My project is on Martin Luther and the three walls. What we are trying to do in this project is describe a primary source from this time period and describe it. The hardest part of this project is always staying on task and taking advantage of all our time. This is hard for me because there are no guidelines and we basically have to make our own timetable for our project. How I have been able to overcome being distracted is by using paper instead of using a computer. Paper allows me to see and touch the source rather than just reading it off of a computer.

What I have been learning about myself as a student is that I have to take advantage of all my time that is given in class, and also my best way of researching is by looking into different sources and then pick which one is my favorite. The most successful strategy that I have been using is taking notes on paper rather than a computer, because it helps me stay focused. What I think I can improve is taking more time outside of class earlier on in the project to get ahead, just so when it comes time for the presentation I don’t have to rush as much, and so I don’t have to be using a lot of time outside of class to get my work done. But, overall I think that if I use my time inside of class more productively I can get a better understanding of the project and also not have to rush as much later on in the project.

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