Promoting Independence Through a Research-Based Class

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When I was first offered the choice to take Age of Exploration, Medieval World, or Age of Reason, I knew right then that I wanted to take Age of Exploration, the research-based class, not only because I had heard great things about the class, such as no tests or quizzes, or improvement in the public speaking aspect of this class, but because I knew that I would be able to work at my own pace, the way I wanted to. Instead of having a teacher shove homework down my throat, telling me when it’s due and what it has to be and look like, and listening to lectures in every class, I knew I could branch out a bit more, freely exploring different ways of learning and researching, and presenting and sharing what I learned in a way that is best fitted to my needs. I could choose when I want to research and how much researching I want to do, given only a few requirements, due dates, and suggested tasks.

With this class, it is up to me to get projects and homework done on time and done correctly. I have to take the initiative and manage my time so that I am able to complete the projects for Age of Exploration, do homework for other classes, and juggle outside activities. Not only is this class teaching me great ways to research, present, and learn, but it is teaching me time management skills, the effects of procrastination, as well as promoting independence, all of which I believe is necessary to continue with my education. As I grow up, I am not going to be told exactly what I need to do for a project or other assignment; I am going to have to figure it out on my own. Yes, right now, my teacher is there to help me if I have questions or concerns, and yes, right now, there are specific requirements that are needed for projects, but this class is just the beginning for building independence and self-confidence for the future.

“You have to do it yourself, no one else will do it for you. You have to work out your own salvation.” 

—- Charles E. Popplestone

So far, I am extremely enjoying this class, and I am sure as I continue to try other styles of researching and complete more and more projects, I will truly take advantage of and benefit from everything this class has to offer me now, and in the future.


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