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When I first began this project, I had no idea what the Reformation was about. I knew what the word meant, but not the historical event.  The James D. Tracy reading that the class had to do in the very beginning of this process was very confusing. I thought it was very difficult to keep all the information straight but overall, I found out that the reformation was mainly a power struggle between the Catholic and Protestant churches.

When the list of different subtopics were revealed to us, I was excited to discover the Witch Craft trials at the bottom of the list.  Since I was little I had always been interested in witches but I had never had the opportunity to do a thorough research on them.  When I first searched on Wikipedia about witch trails in early modern Europe, it only mentioned the reformation as a Historian’s belief on the sudden craze on abolishing witches.  But with more research I was soon drawn to the conclusion that witch trials were first sparked in the 15-18th centuries by people who believed they were a threat to Christendom. The Reformation took place during the 16th century so the time frame with the Witch trials all lined up.

I jumped right into the project after seeing Witch Trials on the sub-topics and I found a primary document that fit in the time frame on only the second day of research. I did not follow the list of suggested tasks though it might have been more organized to do so, but by finding a primary document early on, I was able to pinpoint exactly which topics I needed to do further research on in order to better understand my primary document (a sermon by a Catholic German priest about how to deal with witches).

I am still not sure whether I want to do a blog post or a presentation but either way I will still have to do way more research in order to cover all of the things in my over two-paged primary source!

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