The center of the Project

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At the beginning of this reformation project I knew nothing on the reformation (except that there was another guy named Martin Luther). After looking at the sheet of suggested tasks I did the reading on the reformation but to be honest I didn’t learn anything. The letters were to small and the printer made it all pixaley and I had trouble understanding Tracy’s infernal grammar. After having read Tracy’s document and understanding nothing I decided to use the greatest resources ever made, Wikipedia. In the beginning of my research I didn’t understand all of the groups that were involved in the reformation. I didn’t even know there was such thing as Calvinism, but that was easy to fix by googling “a list of all the parties in the reformation of the 16th century.” After some time researching I went to the next thing on the list of suggested texts. I considered a sub-topic to research, I chose the radical reformation. I needed some good reliable sources for my project and after finding at least 5 I decided that it was time to find a primary document and I chose the “Schleitheim Confession.” My next step in this project would be to look over the primary and secondary sources and learn more about the radical reformation. I believe that I relatively far ahead and I feel that it will turn out like I want it to.

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