Partway Through the Project

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When I first began this project I knew very little about The Reformation, other than that it was a division of the Christian church that happened many years ago. Because I knew so little about it, I decided to begin my research process by reading background information about that time period, as well as what The Reformation was in a bigger picture. In beginning the process, I found it really interesting that the events within The Reformation have had such a huge effect on how religions, and the world, is today, and how many of the changes made during that time have stuck around and had the opportunity to develop further. Initially, I found it difficult to decide which small aspect to focus on, since there were so many options, and so many things that seemed interesting. It was also hard for me to figure out which events or topics would be able to relate directly to The Reformation, as well as decipher how it is that they related. I recently chose the top King Henry VIII, and am currently in the process of gathering information about him, as well as finding a primary source. I have been following the list of suggested tasks so far, and intend to do so for the remainder of the project. So far, I have learnt a lot about how religion in England used to work, and the power battle between the government and the church, which I find to be particularly interesting. I’ve been focusing more on the details of what happened in King Henry VIII’s situation, although I am starting to see the bigger picture, and how it relates to the entire, broader topic of The Reformation as well. My next steps are to continue research, find a primary document that ties in well, and decide whether I am doing a blog post or a presentation instead. At first I was leaning towards doing a presentation, but after taking lots of notes, I’ve been thinking that it might be more efficient to simply extend them into full sentences, and write a blog post instead. I have yet to make up my mind though, so we’ll see what I end up doing. All in all, I think that my project is off to a good start, and that the end product, whatever it may be, will be really informational and interesting.

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