Midway through the English Reformation

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My project topic is the English Reformation Right now, half way through my project, I am wrapping up the research process and starting to look for a primary source. So far, I have found  a lot of information about King Henry VIII’s leaving of the church. Most of the websites that I have gone to have had information about how the church was overpowering the King and so Henry VIII left the church in order to regain his power as king.

When I told my parents about my topic, My mom instantly began talking about a movie that she had watched in which King Henry VIII left the church because he was in love with Ann Boleyn but he couldn’t divorce his current wife because that was a sin against the church.

With these two ideas, I have been looking for evidence that supports the story about Ann Boleyn. So far, I have found a bunch of letters from King Henry to Ann Boleyn but apparently the letters written from Ann Boleyn to Henry VIII were lost.

For my primary source, I am still looking for evidence in one of the letters that suggests that Henry VIII left the church because he was in love. My next steps are continuing to search through the letters and if I find evidence in one, I will begin writing my paper about what this letter tells us about the English Reformation and the time in which it took place.

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  1. I liked that post. So if King Henry VIII divorced his current wife would they kick him out of the church? What was the name of the church?


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