Midway Project Lutheranism

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Dylan Garners Mid-project report:

When I began this project I had no idea about anything of the reformation, so I came into this thinking that I had to do background research on a lot of the reformation. And within the reformation I choose two very large categories of Lutheranism and Calvinism. What I found interesting in these two was the fact that they were able to convince many people with their writings or going around and persuading people. But ultimately I choose Lutheranism just because I found it to be more interesting than Calvinism. What I like about Lutheranism is the fact on what he was arguing also how he was able to take advantage of the printing press.In this process I have been following the HIGHLY recommended tasks, it gives me like a procedure to follow by and it has been very helpful. Right now I’m at the point of looking for a primary source document. I have a few titles that I would like to check out but I haven’t gotten to that yet because some of them aren’t available in the OES library. I have an idea of what I would like to do with this project and that is write a blog post. I choose this because presenting isn’t one of my best skills and also I though it would be interesting to give my topic to a larger crowd that just a class room so writing a blog post that I don’t have to present and being able to get feed back from people worldwide would be awesome.

Overall I think that I’m in the right place for this project. Right now I havent spent very much time outside of school on my project but as the project starts to get closer I will start to spend more time. I think that since my next steps are finding a primary source I think that I should defiantly go out and find those books soon because then I can get a head start on writing my paper.

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