Midway Point

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          I began this project knowing close to nothing about the reformation and who was involved. My search for a topic brought me to the wikipedia page on the protestant reformation. I skimmed the article and found it interesting enough, but then I saw a link to the Catholic counter reformation. To me the Catholic counter reformation is a sort of damage control. They recognized that a lot of new ideas about religion were sprouting up and that people were breaking away from the church to use their own understandings to interpret God’s message for themselves. This represented a dying power for the church as they started to lose their title on being the authority on God’s word. The more deeply i began to read about this counter reformation, the more problems I was presented with. I personally am not a very religious person so a lot of the terminology was confusing, and this became especially tough when I started looking into primary source documents. I was able to just look up many of the terms on wikipedia and online dictionaries, but this made reading slow and not very interesting.

This project was made much more clear by the suggested task list which i have followed since day one. Right now I am finding reliable sources, while also finding a primary source document. I am looking at the counter reformation in general a little bit, but one of the pieces that I found specifically interesting was the council of Trent. This was a council held by the Catholic Church to look at the pieces being protested by many of the followers (i.e.  indulgence). The council met for 25 sessions and lasted from  1545 until 1563. Some primary sources that i have come across are the records kept from the council. These do provide the challenge of many unknown terms, and also they are extremely long so it is hard to find what is important and what isn’t. My next step would be to begin decoding my primary source documents and then to begin my blog post maybe with a general outline. My final product will be a blog, because with speeches I have a tendency to give too much information in a short period of time, and this can make my speeches hard to follow. With a blog post I am able to give more information than a speech, and if people get lost, there is the opportunity to go back and re-read.

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