Mid-Project Report

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Mid-Project Report

When I began this project, I did not know anything about the Reformation. The first thing that introduced the Reformation to me was the reading done for class. Because there was so much information about the different parts of the Reformation, and so many names to remember and what their role was, it was difficult to understand and comprehend. But as I continued to research, I found sources such as Wikipedia that gave me a general overview to the Reformation. I also found a great diagram that helped me a lot with understanding the different subsections of the Reformation. What was really interesting to me when I first started researching, especially from the reading, was how much the Bible and the Reformation spread because of literacy.

After I looked at the subtopics given, one that stuck with me was the Radical Reformation. As I began researching that on Wikipedia, I saw a general area of focus that I though would be really interesting. As I started to dig deeper into the German Peasants’ War, I found that I knew as much about this as when we started talking about the Reformation: nothing. Wikipedia didn’t help much either; it was too wordy and specific for me to actually understand what was going on. As I continued to research, I found an article on Britannica Online Encyclopedia, which was a really general overview of the Peasants’ War. It gave me the most important names such as Thomas Müntzer and Huldrych Zwingli, and what the peasants were demanding and what they wanted during the rebellion, “which was agrarian rights and freedom from oppression by nobles and landlords” (“Peasants’ War”, Encyclopedia Britannica). I then researched on Modern World History Online because Ancient and Medieval World History Online helped me a lot in my previous project. This helped me a great deal in further understanding the German Peasants’ War.

As for the suggested list of topics, I have been following some, such as doing exploratory reading on the Reformation, taking research notes, considering the list of possible topics and investigating them, choosing a topics, finding reliable sources of information, and identifying possible primary documents. I have a great book from the Age of Exploration library called The German Peasants’ War, which is all primary documents about the German Peasants’ War. I have marked many sections of the book’s primary documents, but have yet to choose one. My next steps are to select a primary document, really understand it, the German Peasants’ War, and the Radical Reformation, and to pick a way to share the information that I have learned.

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