Mid-Project Report

Posted on November 2, 2011 by


When I began this second project, I did not know much about the Reformation. I had recognized the name, but I was not sure exactly what it entailed. Before diving into the challenges that this project presented me with, I first tried to gather as much basic information on the Reformation as possible. While digging through all the different details, I noticed that it was hard to keep all the different people involved, in line. I made lists of people and the religions they were involved in to organize my thoughts to increase efficiency. But I did find things interesting, such as how this whole reformation of the church started, or the fact that this whole thing was started because of an opinion.

The suggested list of tasks is very helpful. I have been following it to make sure that the tasks I am using will benefit my project greatest. I’m currently working on selecting a document that I can use. It’s difficult to find a document that works with the criteria. I have not yet identified a primary source document. I have learned that Lutheranism has much more depth then I suspected. Many more people were involved then I realized. My next steps are to find a good primary source document for my project. I believe that my final project will be very organized and full of different details that will reel in the audience and help them learn about the Lutheranism reformation.

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