Mid-Project: Progress and Thoughts

Posted on November 2, 2011 by


When I first started this project I only had a little bit of knowledge on The Reformation and I learned most of it from James Tracy’s Europe’s Reformations, 1450 – 1650: Doctrine, Politics, and Community, which was a reading I read for class. Our class discussion on this reading helped give me a general idea of what happened during The Reformation and was a good start on this project. Before I could start taking notes and find a primary source to write about I needed a topic. I started searching for my topic by looking through a list of possible topics pertaining to The Reformation. It did not take long before the subject Salem Witch Trials caught my interest. I already new some basic background information about the Salem Witch Trials and I was interested in learning more, so I made it my topic.

I have been taking a lot of notes on the Salem Witch Trials and keeping track of the sources I am using. Throughout all my research I have learned about what people believed, politics, and events leading up to the trials. I find every new piece of information intriguing, but I am most interested in learning about the people who were accused for practicing witchcraft. Just recently, after spending a two days searching for a primary source document, I found a website with a lot of primary sources of the interrogations of those accused of practicing witchcraft. There is a lot of information within these sources and I think they will really help me tie together this project. Considering I have not began writing the final product yet I do not really have any anticipation for this project, but I know I will be able to finish it on time and have a lot of information to write about.

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