Mid Project Assessment

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Mid Project Assessment

Beginning this project I didn’t know much about the period of the reformation, except that it was the beginning of a great change in the Christian Church. I also vaguely knew about the story of Martin Luther, but it wasn’t until this project that I realized the actual magnitude of effects the reformation caused. After gathering some general information through reading about the Reformation and the surrounding time period, I used the very helpful links we were given to look further into sub topics of the Reformation. What caught my attention were the many religions and philosophies that were inspired by the concepts of the Reformation, especially the work of John Calvin because I knew very little of him besides his being referenced alongside Martin Luther.

Getting a sense of the time and details of the Reformation took time, and the exploring of many sources. The Reformation is a vast topic with many aspects to understand leading up to, and as a result of the this time. The only way around depicting through and trying to understand the larger topic was to look for new sources and, eventually looking deeper into a subtopic has also helped in making some sense of what the greater Reformation meant.

I feel that I am following the list of suggested tasks because it seems the logical path for completing this project with the best understanding. It has been difficult knowing how deep I should go with the researching of the broader topics before diving into the analysis of the primary document I chose, because although I understand the importance of having a strong background knowledge, as I hunt for new sources and dig deeper there seems to be a more infinite amount of details and concepts to grasp. So as of now, in the steps of tasks I am deciding between primary documents, but I don’t think I’m done with taking notes either. There is still more of Calvinism, my subtopic choice to piece together, and I think having a document to decipher will give new guidance to the areas that are key to have understanding of. I have a few prospective documents; it’s been helpful that John Calvin, the focus of my study has an abundance of texts. Selecting one, and even one segment of significance is next, but I have ideas.

It’s hard for me to say what exactly the product will be. I am definitely not experienced at the process of blogging, or the style of writing exactly that requires, but I think it is well worth trying. The other side is that learning to perfect a presentation is a very valuable skill, but trying a new style is also important.

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