Midway Project

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When I first began the project I knew small bits and pieces of the reformation, but nothing that would make me seem like some sort of historian genius to my peers. The cool thing about the class is that we get to choose and research a topic. I decided I wanted to choose a broad topic; Catholicism. Research for me always starts with something short and sweet like an encyclopedia. I found that there was not so much reformation in the Catholic Church, however I did find that the Catholic Church strongly opposed other reformist groups such as the Calvinists and Lutherans. I continued to find what the Catholic leaders did or would do in the 16th century about these reforms. One thing that was difficult for me to completely understand was exactly why the Catholic Church didn’t want reform. I came up with questions such as, “Did the Catholics worry that their dominant and spread influence would be weakened by different ideas” or “Was the Catholic Church simply unwilling to change?” I came up with my own conclusion, which did seem fairly logical. I used my knowledge from another class and made an inference from the synoptic gospels (Mark, Matthew, and Luke). Since Jesus was trying to reform the law that parasitical religious control had put into action, I made the comparison that the Catholic leaders resembled the Pharisees and people such as Martin Luther resembling Jesus. Sort of a long way of going about it but it all made some amount of sense to me.

Our teacher Mike gave us sort of a research/ project guide as to show us where we should roughly be at a given point during the time we have to research. I use the tasks list as more of a guideline just so I know what comes next after preliminary research for instance. Since I haven’t checked the list for a while I really have no idea where I am. I would definitely say that I procrastinated a bit during the first week but after getting my rear in gear I think I’m in the core research point and pooling together all my information to make sense. All in all I think that the researching portion is definitely important but its not where I need to focus a lot on. I find that towards the end of projects usually within three or four days of the due date is when I need to really start working. It’s like the military rule that the most dangerous time of being stranded or evacuated is right before you are rescued because the mind relaxes. I found that the same idea is similar to what I do before projects are due and I tend to slack off a bit when it really matters so my focus is definitely being put into the final product.

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