In the Middle of the Road

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I am pretty comfortable where I am in the Reformation Age of X project. When I began this project a few weeks ago, I had no idea what the reformation was so I needed to do a lot or research at the beginning of the project. After reading the assigned in class reading on the Reformation I had a basic understanding on what happened during the Reformation. I still was a bit unsure on a few things like how some of the names mentioned in the previous reading fit in to history so I went to the Wikipedia page and that helped me understand some points that were unclear. One I had a decent understanding of the Reformation I was able to choose a topic. Following the list of suggested tasks and topics I chose witchcraft as a topic though it later morphed into the Salem witch trials. I am currently in the middle of finding sources on the trials. I began with European witchcraft but I had a very hard time finding good sources of information beyond some couple hundred page manuscripts issued by the Catholic Church.  Thankfully almost everything from the trials has been persevered including court proceedings and arrest warrants. Those primary sources are great but I might still use one of the European manuscripts on the topic. I have learned a lot on who was involved in the trials but I am still trying to find the connection between the Reformation and Salem. I will find that out in the coming weeks. I plan to do an in class presentation on the project. Once again I am feeling pretty good about this project.          

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