Halfway Through

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This project was given a great amount of time to do proper research and find information about my topic. I didn’t know very much about the reformation when we first started this project, I only knew that the reformation had to do with religion and that Europe was trying to “reform” the church system. I started by taking a look at the list of possible topics to choose from and decided radical reformation sounded most interesting. I did some further research and chose Anabaptism as my subtopic. As I researched Anapabtism it was difficult to understand exactly what their role in the reformation was. I knew what their practices were, and what they were against, but I was having trouble trying to find what reaction they had to the reformation. I tried resolving this by finding a book on Anapabtists which somewhat resolved my conflict.

I am trying to follow the list of suggested tasks as closely as possible. It is difficult sometimes because finding a primary source document can be very hard. I have some possible options, but as of now I am not sure if these documents would greatly help my presentation. I am focusing in on the role of Anabaptists during the reformation and their radical belief system. So far I have learned the belief’s of anabaptists and how they were for the separation of church and state. My next step is to identify a primary source document that will answer my questions to what their reactions were to the reformation, and how they were “radical” with their belief’s. I am guessing my final project will be a blog post, since I have really enjoyed blogging so far.


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