Halfway Through this Project…

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When I started this project, I didn’t even know what The Reformation was, (until the exploratory reading of course), and wasn’t exactly sure I even knew how to choose my topic. To begin my research process, I did the required class reading, which helped me learn what The Reformation was; from there, I look on Wikipedia for a broader overview. After that, I started to narrow down my resources and look only at ones that I knew were reliable. In The Reformation, I found most interesting how all the different churches sort of split off into their own entities. I found it hard to understand though, how exactly they did this and who helped them split. These two things though, are mainly relating to The English Reformation. To resolve this difficulty, I just looked at broader overviews a little more, and then narrowed down my reading so I knew who I was reading about when researching important people. So far, I have done a pretty good job of following the list of suggested task, but maybe not in as time-efficient of a way as I had hoped. Right now, I am finishing up my reliable-sources note-taking research. I predict that by the end of this week however, I will be onto identifying primary source documents. My general idea of the focus is on The English Reformation, and either looking more into the subtopic of The Scottish Reformation, or on King Henry VIII’s influence on the Anglican church of England. So far I have learned many things, but the most interesting to me are the reasons that different churches formed the way they did, and their prevalence in society today. For example, Lutheranism is now a major branch of Christianity, and was formed almost entirely from Martin Luther’s ideas, which, in turn, started The Reformation. All in all, even though I feel a little behind in my primary-source document finding, I hope by the end of this week to be more on track.

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